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Q. How long have you been involved in the ice pop industry?
A.  We started 34 years ago as a small artisanal ice pop shop and have evolved over the years into a mass production ice pop, ice pouch and ice tube manufacturing facility.

Q. What benefits do you offer over other competitors in the industry?
A. Ice Pop Factory (IPF) has a group of owners and employees that are experts in the industry having learned from years of production experience. We know the industry from A to Z. IPF has the resources to help a company take their product from concept to a mass produced product in the supermarkets. We can eliminate the learning curve not only with formulation but also machinery and production.

Q. What is your MOQ?
A. We pride ourselves in being able to not only help start up companies wanting to break into the industry but also established pop companies. Our minimum currently is 60,000 pops per order.

Q. Can you help us with ingredients, logistics and storage?
Yes. IPF has sources for any need that arises to get your product to market. Transportation, frozen storage, ingredients, formulation and packaging. We have suppliers we have worked with for decades giving our customers the best lead times and prices so they lower their COG's and are as profitable as possible.

Q. What products can you produce?
A. We are currently set up to do ice pops on a stick, ice pouches and ice tubes. IPF specializes in all natural products and also alternative frozen novelties, such as wine, alcohol, vitamin and CBD infused products.

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